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Multi-pet-app: This project is a one-stop hub for pet owners, offering easy access to a wide range of essential pet services like vets, groomers, sitters, and trainers.

Pet-Friendly Travel Planner: It assists pet owners in planning trips with their furry companions, from finding pet-friendly accommodations to discovering suitable activities and destinations.

Pet Lover Community: The project brings together a community of pet enthusiasts, providing a platform for connecting, sharing experiences, and seeking advice, enhancing the pet ownership experience.

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Little Paws UI.


August (2 weeks)


UI designer


As a UI designer, I used brown and beige colors in the interface. Brown represents warmth and nature, creating a cozy and natural environment. Beige adds elegance and a clean look, emphasizing tenderness and care for pets.

Overall, these colors enhance the user experience by evoking comfort, nature, and a sense of style.


I used the Gilroy Font as it is a modern and stylish font with clean and crisp lines. It complements contemporary design and adds neatness and professionalism to the app.

Logo & Icons

As a UI designer, I decided to create a logo in the shape of an animal paw in brown and beige colors. The brown and beige tones evoke a sense of a caring attitude towards pets.

I added some icons designed as cute illustrations. The adorable illustrations can also evoke positive emotions and create associations with care, love, and the joy of interacting with pets.

IU Elements
Registration & Log In

Onboarding screens explain to the user the main functionality and features of the application.

Travel Screens

I added a travel section to the "Little Paws" app, where users can book flights, accommodations, and find a list of necessary documents for traveling with their pets.

Grooming Screens

Grooming is one of the most popular service for home pets. Here you can easily find and book the best service for your fluffy friend.

Vet Clinics

I added a section for veterinary clinics in the "Little Paws" app to provide pet owners with a convenient way to book appointments with veterinarians and purchase medications for their pets.

Services and Supplies

The services and Supplies part provides pet owners with a wide range of services and products related to their pets. In this section, users can find sitting services, training sessions, pet food, and other products necessary for taking care of their pets, all in one convenient place.


Do you want to see more?Here you can try the app. Explore and enjoy!


You can also check the UX part of this project.

Little Paws UX.

UX Little Paws

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